Be careful that you write accurately rather than much – Erasmus

Smart guy, Erasmus. And a damn good editor too.

Because here’s the thing: regardless how great your product, service, or solution is, unless you create messages – words – that educate, convince, and motivate readers to act, your business will go nowhere.

All your communication needs to be right, tight, and on target. How you use words determines if your reader stays and learns more about you or clicks on to the next website.

If your writing’s not accurate, readable, and convincing, you look amateur and unqualified – and your prospects move on. After all, if you don’t care enough about your own presentation to make it shine, why should they feel you’ll treat their business any differently?

Words matter — and words sell. They either draw your reader in or drive him away. If they’re not well written, you can bet they’re not moving your readers closer to the sale.

Here’s how I can help. I’ll give you a hungry lion’s eye and a snake charmer’s sense to bring your words to life.

I’ve spent 25 years in the field in international high tech marketing and sales. Why not work with an editor with a seasoned sense of when and how to apply just the right sales sauce that gets your prospects in the chute?

You end up with writing that reads well, words that hit the mark, and messages that get the click. One hundred percent impeccable grammar and punctuation, a given.

The result? Inquiries, engagement, and relationships.

Bottom line: more sales.